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We Should Make Something Unique Together

Up here on the top of this forever-in-flux page you'll see some of my most recent work and down below that some mumbo jumbo i threw in there for transparency, color and because I like words. Most importantly, if you found me because your issue is in my wheelhouse, reach out and let's build something unique together.


Global Observatory for UNWTO INSTO at PCGS University of South Florida

Global Social Support Community for Professional Land Surveyors

Community Crowdsourced International Surveying Jobs Board

Presentations & Slideshows

Climate Strange Project

Sustainable Historic Seafood Market in Homosassa FL - Shelly's Seafood

Custom Land Surveyor Locator Inside Facebook Page Tab

Street Art Photography

Office Space Gurus in Washington D.C Broad Street Realty DC Team

You have entered my project zone. This is an experimental place forever in flux and built withBookmark. I am currently in the process of migrating my stuff from elsewhere to here . I am a recent graduate from Patel College of Global Sustainability at University of South Florida. You can read my resume here. You can view some of my photography and web development projects or simply reach out to get in touch with me.

Cultural Web Builder, Archiver, Explorer


Years of Sustainable Web Development

Over the years, I have built many websites on behalf of others I care about, those I've met along the way who are making a difference in the world and helped countless online community creators develop niche venues for their social ideas to take form. In this site, I have compiled many examples of my work as a front-end web developer, content curator and creator of truly unique visual presentations. I hope you enjoy and reach out to connect!


Open and Sustainable Communication

Since 2003, I have worked in social media from the point of view of an applied anthropologist with a passion for improving communication, promoting social inclusiveness and social support across many industries. If you are hoping to develop something on the web which is truly unique, I want to know about it.


Increasing Your Reach is My Goal

Simply stated, if you think you have tried everything to increase the reach of your brand, I am here to tell you that you haven't. There are countless undocumented ways to socialize your brand, track your competition and drive traffic to your message while maintaining your reputation on the web. I enjoy consulting and building sustainable organic web presences on behalf of the woke.

About Justin Farrow

I am an ambitious and innovative problem solver who cares deeply for the environment, for others and how others treat the environment. Passionate about Entrepreneurship, global sustainability, open knowledge and web development, I enjoy bringing others' ideas to life - especially if they involve promoting a greater good. I like to mashup web technologies to create useful tools which can be shared by a community. I can work alone or with a committed team and live for my projects. Said 'projects' most frequently revolve around subject matters related to Humans, Earth, Air, Fire, Water or Education and for this, I sleep well at night.

Hire Me

Website Design & Consulting

Here are a few of my Specialties as recommended on my Linkedin Profile by others:

  • Social Media Optimization & Marketing

  • Branding and Identity

  • New Media Relations

  • Social Network Building

  • Creative Director

  • Web IT

  • Graphic design

  • social networking strategy

  • environmental/ situational photography

  • innovative web applications

A Unique Set of Skills


Social Media Management & Optimization

Social Media is not new to me. I've worked in social media since 2003. If you or your organization are having a difficult time utilizing social media to increase reach, attract new customers, capturing leads or simply do not know where to start, I can help you sort everything out and moving in the right direction.


Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

What is the point of having a website if no one can find it? What can you do better in order to get the traffic you deserve to your website or online community? I can help you analyze weaknesses in your approach and optimize your web content for a massive increase in traffic and sales!


Web Development & Documents Conversion

You may find website design and content management a daunting task, but for me, it has been my life for over a decade. I offer a multitude of services to meet your business and personal needs. Specializing in small business web presence domination, we are masters of the simple yet effective web design. There are many different items that will be listed below, however this list may not include all of the services, so please contact us and check with us about your needs.


Custom Content Curation & Extraction

Are you thinking about migrating your website or simply creating something new out of your existing content, you must first extract the content and curate it into organized collections. In fact, I can even recover lost content from websites that no longer exist, if that is something you need.