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Caravan Stage - Nomadic Tempest

Climate change mitigation relies upon the awareness generated from sustainability messaging and those changes in human behavior which occur as a result. To those unaware of the complex science behind climate change, related messaging may seem chaotic and random causing lack of faith and leading to lack of action. My project is rooted in Chaos Theory. Adapting a systems approach to understanding the communication lifecycle, we can extend the reach of a message, thus increasing the number of acts which occur as a result of awareness, by making small changes to the system itself. By understanding the Butterfly Effect (how tiny changes in a system can lead to dynamic results) as it applies to Caravan Stage’s environmental messaging, we can make small changes. Then we will be able to better understand and predict how the system will perform, allowing us to produce more effective messaging. By viewing Climate Change mitigation as a process which begins as a communications lifecycle, we might just be able to dynamically change and inspire awareness to climate change science and as such, motivate more action and behavioral change. #climatechangeisreal

Patel College of Global Sustainability

For two years, i worked as school webmaster and a Teachers Assistant for 2 graduate school professors. I am very proud of what i managed to accomplish during my time at PCGS. I started with a broken website, zero social media presence, old flyers, no followers and an ugly blog. Over the course of a single year (while also taking classes) I mixed, merged and converted almost all of the media distributed by and about the school. During my time the web presence and engagement of Patel College increased by 11,000%.



Beautiful Nation Project

Beautiful Nation is an online education project designed to encourage young people, ages 6-18, to develop deep connections with our earth and with each other. The project tracks the Voyage of Makulu, a 43 foot sailing vessel on an around-the-world circumnavigation, in order to foster a sense of wonder and enthusiasm for exploration among youth.
Working in partnership with leading geography education nonprofit Reach the World and world class science education nonprofit Agastya, Beautiful Nation will use 21st Century tools and the timeless art of storytelling to build an online community of global citizens, eager to explore and fall in love with our planet! The crew will report in real-time via media-rich articles and videos published online in the Beautiful Nation Social Network and the Reach the World global journalism website, while working with experts and educators in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) disciplines to share research data on the effects of marine debris. In addition, the crew will report on traditional ways of life in the communities that Makulu visits.

Rosebud Continuum

"The Rosebud Continuum is a dynamic, ever evolving nexus between the best practices of our many pasts and traditional wisdoms and the exciting synergies that are emerging as we apply our dedication to sustainability and education to the creation of a desirable future, with liberty and justice for all. At Rosebud we seek to demonstrate and inspire so that visitors and volunteers can contribute to the widening solution space that can realistically tackle our individual and environmental health and biodiversity conservation challenges. Rosebud is a place where ordinary folks and families can feel empowered to "try this at home" and serves as a resource for communities and neighborhoods and individual households seeking to wean themselves off of dysfunctional systems and instead learn "systems thinking" in the human food/energy/water nexus and wildlife preservation that resolve conflicts and lead to harmonious outcomes."

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