People, Places and Things

Over the years, I have built and worked on over 250 websites, communities and web apps. Below are a few examples. I most enjoy working on projects with a basis in reality and as such, they most often involve people places and things.


BLUE Ocean Film Festival

The festival is one of the largest environmental documentary film events in the world, with projects from the likes of 60 Minutes, National Geographic, the Smithsonian Channel and Telemundo. The seven-day event draws about 20,000 people, organizers said.

Land Surveyors United

Land Surveyors United is not your everyday surveyors forum. It is the first of its kind- global social support environment where professional land surveyors and geospatial professionals can find support for virtually any type of land surveying equipment or software on Earth. It is a place where you, the surveyor, can join and contribute to a geographically based group forum designed specifically for your area.


Patel College of Global Sustainability at USF

I was the school webmaster and a TA for 2 graduate school professors. I am very proud of what i managed to accomplish during my time at PCGS. I started with a broken website, zero social media presence, old flyers, no followers and an ugly blog. Over the course of a single year (while also taking classes) I mixed, merged and converted almost all of the media distributed by and about the school. During my time the web presence and engagement of Patel College increased by 11,000%.

Environmental Projects


UNWTO INSTO State of Florida

The mission of the USF Patel College Blue Community Observatory is to study, facilitate and educate for the protection, enhancement, and restoration of coastal habitats and marine environments as it relates to sustainable tourism, to strengthen existing partnerships and develop new ones to support sustainable tourism, and to support the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Rosebud Continuum-01

Rosebud Continuum

Rosebud Continuum is a Sustainable Living Community in Land O Lakes Florida which educates sustainability students in Navigating the FEW (Food Energy Water) Nexus and promotes a better future built on reduction of fossil fuel consumption and biodigestion techniques for renewable energies.


Butterfly Response w/ Caravan Stage

As may Academic Capstone Project for Patel College of Global Sustainability, I worked with a Nomadic Theatre group called Caravan Stage Company, following them on their 2017 North America tour for the Nomadic Tempest production. During my internship we made the company completely paperless.

Web Projects and Screenshots